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A third of your life is spent sleeping.

Make that time count with a mattress that helps you sleep better and healthier.

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With a number of high-quality, name brand mattress offerings on the market, shoppers have more viable options than ever before. With endless options varying in brand, quality, cost, size, style, comfort level, and material content, consumers have many things to consider. However, it’s important to remember mattress shopping is an important investment in one’s own health and happiness.

Did you know the average human being spends approximately a third of their lifetime sleeping? To get the most out of the sleeping hours, shoppers must take their individual sleeping styles into account:

Do you prefer to sleep lying on your side?

Side-sleepers should consider investing in a mattress that lets the body sink comfortably into it, but with just enough give to provide spinal support. Tempur-Pedic offers a premium line of innovative memory foam and memory gel foam mattresses that are sure to give you a pleasantly supportive sleep experience.

Do you prefer to sleep lying on your back or your stomach?

It is all about the firmness when it comes to dorsal sleepers. Those who prefer sleeping on their back will want a mattress that is firm enough to let the spine rest in a natural position and yet soft enough to cradle the rest of the body comfortably. A medium-firm memory foam mattress is an excellent option for supine sleepers. Revive is an up-and−coming Living Spaces exclusive brand providing affordable options to sleepers who want the memory foam experience minus the premium price tags.

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, dance a fine line. A firm mattress is essential for those who experience back pain. Because sleeping face down puts undue pressure on your rib cage and stomach, a firm mattress with a pillow top might be the ideal pick. Serta is by and large a go-to choice for stomach sleepers. In the end, it really is all based on personal preference as only you know what gets you to sleep soundly.

How much personal space do you need to achieve a deep sleep?

Sharing a bed with another person could easily disrupt a person’s sleeping patterns. Deciding which mattress suits not only you, but also your partner, comes down to mattress size first and foremost. Both Sealy Posturpedic and Stearns and Foster brands offer a variety of affordable mattress options in all size categories.

Not every one can take time out of their day to go test out different mattresses. Fortunately for you, Living Spaces has put together an intuitive process to finding the mattress that best suits your needs. Take the quick sixty second sleep quiz and find out which mattress will maximize the restorative effects of quality sleep for you and your loved ones. Shopping for a mattress is a considerable investment, let us help make the experience fun and easy. Taking our sleep quiz will help you get a sense of what suits your personal sleeping style and simplify the shopping process.