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Green Initiatives

We’re very proud of the work we’ve done over the years to lessen our impact on the environment. Below are some of our success stories:
Recycling and Waste Diversion
In 2013, we recycled a total of 2888 tons of material, including 1999 tons of cardboard, 198 tons of plastic and foam wrap, 31 tons of Styrofoam and 660 tons of wood, metal and other materials. With a strong focus on recycling, we were able to divert over 92% of our waste from landfills in 2013. The link below is the full report on our 2013 Recycling and Waste Diversion Program.
Recycling Program 2013 (PDF)»
Investment in Green Initiatives
We have invested over $300,000 for skylights and energy/lighting control systems at each of our retail locations. These smart systems measure the natural exterior lighting conditions and automatically dim the interior lights to maximize the use of the natural light through our large skylights. We have invested more than $2 million in these energy efficient systems over the last five years.
Since April 2012, we have invested $1.5 million in the purchase of 22,000 12 watt LED’s light bulbs to replace existing 60 watt incandescent bulbs at each of our retail locations. The new LED’s not only save in total power consumption but also serve to significantly lessen the heat load and reduce the demand placed on our HVAC systems.
We control the HVAC demand in our stores with SWARM technology. The roof mounted AC units speak to each other to stage their cooling cycles. This inter-unit communication prevents all of the units from cycling on simultaneously, avoiding a large energy draw that impacts peak demands on Southern Cal Edison’s infrastructure.
Case Study: Impact of Energy Reduction Investments
Between July 2006 and July 2013, we were able to reduce electricity usage in our La Mirada and Rancho Cucamonga stores by 74% and 57%, respectively. This impressive reduction was the result of many of the green investments discussed above and the unyielding dedication of our team to find ways to lessen our impact on the environment.