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Cabinets & Curio Cabinets

All too often, dining rooms are limited to practical necessities like tables and chairs while lacking any real "wow " factor. These spaces, however, are where some of the greatest memories in life are made. Whether gathering around the table with family and friends for the holidays or for a hectic weeknight dinner, your dining room should feel warm and inviting while also focusing on utility. Curio cabinets combine the best of both worlds; they are aesthetically pleasing showpieces and provide much-needed storage space. With a huge array of styles, colors and overall designs, curio cabinets can blend in with existing decor or be used to add a pop of color and excitement.

History of Curio Cabinets

In the 18th century, curios and cabinets were a staple piece of furniture in nearly every traditional dining room. Their grand and lavish appearance, paired with their storage capabilities, made them an optimal choice for displaying fine china and crystal glassware when not in use. As dinner parties became less common, curio cabinets followed suit. In the past decade, however, there has been a huge resurgence in the desire to host these classic at-home soirees. In turn, curio cabinets are once again becoming a hot commodity, whether purely as a showcase piece or for their functional nature.

Traditionally, curio cabinets are known to be large and bulky. While this style complements rustic and traditional design schemes, it proves to be more difficult to incorporate in modern, contemporary or industrial layouts. To combat this complication, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of curios & cabinets. From small to oversized and sleek to rugged, our curios and cabinets are suitable for spaces of all sizes and home decor styles.

One of the biggest factors that affects the overall appearance of curios & cabinets is the material it is crafted from. Many traditional and rustic styles are made of robust and visually appealing woods such as oak, pine, mahogany and acacia or mango wood. Typically, these classic styles also incorporate glass or mirrors, though many do not. Pieces that are more in line with industrial, modern or contemporary decor may be constructed with materials like iron, steel, metal or recycled wood. Like more conventional pieces, they may also contain glass or mirrors to enhance the aesthetic allure. Regardless of the design, curio cabinets are generally available in a variety of colors and finishes, including natural wood.

To hone in on your one-of-a-kind decor style, be sure to browse our extensive collection of curios & cabinets to discover the perfect piece for your dining room.