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Kids Furniture

Decorating your child’s bedroom is an opportunity to let your creativity run wild. You can create a dreamy space to encourage a good night’s sleep and create room for the joys of reading, or you can go wild with color for a high-energy play area. Hot trends right now include creating bright accent walls with paint, wallpaper or decals and adding vintage styling for a chic look that doesn›t rely on cartoon characters to make kids smile.

Because every child is unique, the only real rule when it comes to designing a great children’s bedroom is to allow his other passions to steer your choices. You’ll also need to choose some sturdy furniture that’s designed specifically to stand up to the wear and tear of excited little hands -- and feet. You'll want everything from kids’ beds to nightstands to be solid as well as stylish.

Choosing the Right Bed

Before you do anything else, measure your room carefully to help you decide how much square footage you want to take up with a bed. Full beds for boys and girls are a timeless choice that will work well as they grow, but active kids may need more floor space to play when they're still small. Loft beds for kids can help you create a special nook for study or play under the bed to maximize your storage. For a growing family, bunk beds for kids are a time-honored way to make sharing a room fun. Once you know what size and type of bed you want, you're ready to browse for just the right color and style for your decor.

Choosing the Right Accessories

After the major decision about the bed is complete, it’s time to select the rest of the bedroom suite. Storage is the next priority for most families, so think about your existing closets and how much additional dresser space your child needs for clothes, taking into account that those clothes will get bigger over the years.

Kids’ desks and tables are also an important consideration. Chose furniture sized for children so they’ll be comfortable at work or at play. Kids nightstands and toy chests are good finishing touches for organizing books, stuffed animals, toys and other treasures as your child grows.

Shopping for Kids Furniture at Living Spaces

At Living Spaces, we know that kids’ dressers and desks are just as important as the furniture you choose for the adults in your house, and we have an outstanding selection of colors and styles to choose from. Whether you want twin beds for girls and boys or just the right kids’ chests for toys, we have children’s furniture to fit any space.