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TV Stands, Consoles & Entertainment Centers

No doubt about it: Media is a big part of life in the modern world. Odds are good that your home is full of technology, including entertainment devices like a big screen TV, cable box and video game consoles. To keep it all neat and looking like part of your decor, you’ll need a modern entertainment center. The right entertainment centers and TV stands will help unify your design and turn your room into a comfortable gathering place for family and friends −− all while adding a dash of style.

When considering entertainment centers for your decorating plan, think about the overall style and color first. This is a major piece of furniture that is destined to become a focal point of the room. Do you prefer clean, modern lines, or would you like a bit of traditional flair with raised panel doors and turned legs? If you have artwork to show off, a piece with built−in shelves will provide space for your favorite accessories, or for matching baskets and boxes to organize DVDs and other small items.

Shopping for Entertainment Furniture

We know that the right TV consoles and stands can make or break your family room. That’s why we have an incredible selection of storage and media furniture to choose from. No matter what colors and styles you like best, you’re sure to find something that fits your space −− and your personal sense of style.

Choosing Entertainment Centers for Your Home

To get the perfect media furniture for your room, make sure you have adequate space for chairs and sofas around the TV, and that there’s no excess glare from nearby windows. Next, take an inventory of your electronics to determine what features you need in your entertainment pieces. Will you need a place for stereo components or surround sound speakers? What about gaming consoles or a smart TV box? As you shop, be sure there's enough shelf space for all of your belongings.

Choosing the Right TV Stands and Consoles

For a more compact solution for your television, TV stands and consoles take up less room and provide a more relaxed look for your home. These look more like a table or sideboard than a built−in bookcase, and this makes them easier to mix and match with existing furniture for an eclectic look. To get the right fit for your home, measure your TV to make sure it fits on the console you choose for a base.