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Home Decor

Home décor is an important part of the decorating process. The type of decor you choose to add to the room can take an area from looking simply furnished to fantastic. décor allows you to express and showcase your personal style to friends, family, and guests. It also helps to complete the look of a room and add character and charm. Living Spaces features home décor in a full range of styles, colors and sizes so that no matter what you're looking for to finish a room off, you’ll be able to find it.

When you go to choose your décor, consider your existing style staples. Find yourself leaning towards amid-century look? Then you’ll want to choose from our selection of modern décor to go with it. Prefer a more rustic style? Then you can choose vintage, farm inspired décor to finish the room off. People seeking décor for a more stripped-down, industrial look can choose from accessories that feature metals and reclaimed wood. Living Spaces carries décor for every taste so you are sure to find decor that conveys your sense of style.

Table Decor

Take your tabletops from basic to beautiful with the addition of a few décor objects. Vases, lanterns, decorative plates and baskets lend a designer’s touch to your tabletops. Clocks, candles and bookends are also great additions to any end tables, TV consoles or bookshelves in the room. Whether your taste runs contemporary or traditional, Living Spaces has table decor to complete your picture perfect look!


Lighting can make a big impact on any area. A shaded table lamp can give off a romantic glow, while a stylish chandelier can make any room look grand. Floor lamps can add needed light when placed next to a sofa or reading area. A pendant lamp over a dining table can draw attention to the center of the room and create an inviting space for people to gather.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are important, versatile décor elements because they add color and texture to the overall look and feel of a room. You can use a bold colored pillow to bring out accent colors found in a rug, vase, or artwork, making the room’s design more cohesive. You can also use pillows to soften a firm chair or bench and make it more comfortable, or place poufs or floor pillows on the floor for a cozy seating area. Try adding a few pillows with interesting prints or fonts, they will draw your eye to any area you choose to place the pillows.


Looking for a way to add some sparkle to a room? Mirrors are useful décor pieces because they create visual interest without introducing new colors or prints to a room. This means that you can put a mirror nearly anywhere and add sophistication and style to the area. In addition to its practical use, a mirror can also reflect nearby lamps and candlelight to create a more welcoming ambiance.


Just like pillows, throws can be used add color and charm to a room in a subtle way. A silky throw draped over a sofa, stool, or chair will make guests feel cozy and comfortable. The type of throw you choose to style your room with depends on what type of motif you have. A room with a modern look might go well with a bright or geometrically printed throw, while a more romantic room might use a flower printed throw.

Wall Decor

décor items like prints, art and other pieces you can hang on the wall are an important piece of your interior design. A few well−placed pieces of wall art can help express your unique style and interests. For example, someone who loves to travel might hang artfully drawn maps of the countries they’ve visited. A beach lover might style their living room with a peaceful painting of the ocean. Take pride in your hometown? Why not hang prints of beautiful photography featuring the landmarks you love in your own city. Looking for a more sophisticated, modern look? A minimalistic painting with an abstract design can add a touch of elegance and urbanity to any room.