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Get Inspired — Living Room Ideas

Avery Sectional

Westside Loft

mid-century | glam

Avery Sofa

Westside Loft

mid-century | tailored

Tate Sofa

Westside Loft

mid-century | sophisticated

Alcott Sofa

Westside Loft

mid-century | bohemian

Avalon Sectional

Westside Loft

mid-century | earthy

Camilla Sectional

Newport Estates

warm | polished

Gordon Sofa

Villa Sonoma

classic | authentic

Delano Sectional

Casual Living

neutral | comfortable

Aurora Sectional

Casual Living

inviting | plush

Evan Sectional

Casual Living

relaxed | cozy

Glamour II Sectional

Casual Living

deluxe | spacious

Alivia Sofa

Casual Living

rich | luxurious

Churchill Loveseat

Casual Living

stately | tasteful

Living Room Ideas

If you’re the type who dresses a certain way to achieve a particular look then you understand that living room décor goes far beyond simply being neat and tidy. There’s a look; there’s a feel. Your living room décor should have ambiance, especially one that reflects your interests, your vision

Regardless of whether you’re a socialite, who loves to host get-togethers, or a homebody, who prefers to lounge in comfort, you can treat living room décor as your canvas. This is a room where you will spend quality time relaxing or entertaining guests. Why not put in the extra effort for the sake of self-expression through living room décor.

There are scads of publications loaded with living room decorating ideas, but unless you have the budget to purchase living room furniture by the set, it would be best to start small. First, we recommend starting with the basics. When picking furniture, take into consideration what purpose it will serve then focus on a few staple items. Find a comfy couch and an inviting coffee table that suits your needs then search for accent furniture that will bring out your vision of home.

Contemporary Living Room Style

Contemporary living room décor resists the minutiae of ornamentation and instead puts the focus on space, shape, and color. Its lightweight construction and pliable materials allows designers to explore sleeker lines and implement more daring shapes into their living room decorating ideas. Contemporary style makes a bold statement without being overstated. Browse Living Spaces’ selection of contemporary furniture for living room ideas.

Modern Living Room Style

Creating living room décor in a modernist vain is a practice in less being more. Utilizing neutral color schemes to accentuate contour lines, strong geometric shapes and asymmetrical designs are the hallmarks of modern furniture. Achieving the modern look relies heavily upon furniture selection as well as placement. Search Living Spaces’ selection of modern furniture to piece together your vision.

Industrial Living Style

When it comes to living room décor, there isn’t a look more dynamic than an industrial setting. This high contrast style can be achieved with or without the exposed ceilings or naked pipes. With a bit of imagination, you can take any living space and render it industrial with the right accent furniture.