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About Curios
It’s not the big pieces of furniture that give your family room it’s character so much as the little things like curios. And whether you’re showing off some family heirlooms, a collection of figurines, or even a few treasured books, a curio cabinet is the perfect way to display any of them.
Curios are typically wooden cabinets with glass or open doors. They’re not meant to hide your knick-knacks but to proudly display them. You can use a curio in your living room or, if you’re redecorating, consider purchasing a curio cabinet to house your china in your dining room or some cherished treasures in your den.
While you can’t sit on a curio and you shouldn’t just set down your coffee mug on one, they’re the sort of furniture that gives your family room that final, personal touch. They give a room character and give you easy access to whatever collection, dishware, or photographs you want to showcase.